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Ending 2017 strong entering 2018 not by might, not by power but by your spirit God. Not in my own strength but by yours Lord. Surrendered to the will of Abba I shall enter this New Year.  Glancing over 2017 showed me that I did a lot because I knew how to do it.  Truly not depending on God is what led me to a burn out. Not delegating and wanting to be incontrol led me to being frustrated. Shared this before when you know to do something better you will for sure do it better.

This is why I’m not a fan of saying yesterday was yesterday don’t look back cause your not going that way. You do look back for a second and look at what you refuse to repeat again.  Daily we are tested.  Daily we are tried. Why?  Because exactly that God is wanting to see… did we learn the first time! Or will we Repeat it over and over again.

Joshua 5:6

Not sure about you but I’m tired of walking in the desert.  It’s time I enter into the promise land. I have encountered Jesus in the desert and He has revealed the truth which has set me free.  Are you ready to enter into this New Year of fulfillment and advancement. 2017 you where expanded and it hurt it was a painful process but you survived. The Expansion is not over….  there is more.  Just know it’s only going to bring more Glory. Stay in it… you can do it for Nothing is impossible for the God you serve.

Last night the Lord met us face to face. We where confronted with a question. Knowing your personal assignment, your congregational assignment and your assignment for the nations and how it must align itself.  Do you know yours?  You have three days to think about it. Ask God to bring clarity.  He will….. as He has done it for me.

When God walks in the room for one He walks in the room for all!




#alignment #expansion #Fulfillment #advancement


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