Collateral Beauty

Love, Time, Death

Romans 8:28

This is life… we are the ones that truly make it or break it. God will never abandon us nor forsaken us. He is with us and He is for us. Many times we close ourselves into a place of captivity. A place of darkness. A place of coldness.

Our minds tell us no one will understand how I feel they could not, the question asked today would be “How many others daily live in this very same place thinking the very same thing” many… why because it’s life.

The only way we can come out of that place is accepting and replaying allowing God to restore and heal us. Releasing and accepting the pain that overs takes your every day life. Do you know that God is never done with us…. not until that day that Death meets us. We must allow Love to overflow and be of all abundance in our lives. Time …. time is now.

Don’t ever leave it for tomorrow as tomorrow is not promised. There is no job, no project, no budget that can come between what today has in place. We many times say “oh not this week” or “when I have this” the beauty and simplicity of God Says “Do what you can with what you have now”. Have you ever wondered why? Life!

Today Christmas Morning after Our littlest one wakes us with pancakes in bed and juice, we wish each others a Merry Christmas and head downstairs to open the gifts, shortly after snuggle in bed for a priceless moment. There is no gift that could ever compare to the Gift of Love & Time… as we never know when Death will meet us.

After all the madness of gifts and wrapping can you say today Jesus… thank you for the Gifts of Love and Time!

Love Janelle

#thinkaboutit #collateralbeauty #love #Godislove #time #tomorrowisnotpromised #dontletanythingstandbeforethegiftoflove #christmasmorning


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