About tonight…. Winter Wonderland

It was all about serving!

Choosing intentionally to help others flips life upside-down. In helping others rather then seeking our own gain, we find great freedom. Service to others results in liberty. We are able to say no to modern culture‘s games of promotion and authority. We live lives of less stress, less anxiety, and less frustration. We begin to feel more fulfilled, more complete, more alive. Living for others completely abolishes our need for a pecking order. It becomes a great weight off our shoulders when we no longer seek power and mastery over others. Real joy is found not in being served, but in choosing to serve.

1. Open your eyes to the needs around you. People who need your help exist all around you in your home, your neighborhood, and your work place. The first, most important step is to simply notice them.

2. Do something to move them forward. Even if you don‘t have all the answers or facts, jump in and help as best you know how. Refuse to use the excuse, “But I don‘t know what to do” or “I can help tomorrow.” Assess their need, offer some help, and follow through right away.

3. Joyfully pay the price. Service to others always costs something—sometimes money, sometimes time, sometimes reputation, and almost always energy. See the price. Pay it anyway. And enjoy the return on investment.

4. Do not expect something in return. Remove the what’s-in-it-for-me question that motivates so many people today. Help with no expectation of repayment. And you will be repaid with joy and fulfillment in countless other ways.

Those who constantly strive for the top have misplaced their pursuits. But we don’t have to. We can rush today to experience the lasting happiness of helping others.

Have said it over and over… your way to success is by serving others. There is something different about you. Your set aside from the rest. If your sitting back waiting for someone to do it for you or you just feel like serving is too low for you… well then you my friend have an issue!

To see the faces of all the little ones this evening, and not only them the adults as well. Such joy o pure joy. I rejoice in the goodness of the Lord.

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