Self discipline

1 Corinthians 9:27

but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to

others, I myself will not be disqualified

A challenge in deed. We must take into account full responsibility of our very own spiritually. We can’t depend on the prayers, faith or encounters of others. God himself wants you to have self discipline so you can experience this on your very own.

What hinders this…. You May have to check your surroundings.

What are you spending your time on? Is it watching TV, YouTube videos, Social Media the famous addictive Facebook scrolling down all day long? Ask yourself this…..

Are you abusing from the 169 hours given in a week on any of the above… we all can admit we are or we have. God is calling us into account. At least I know he has called my attention many times about this.

It’s easy to fall into this trap that will eventually consume you to the point of distracting you.

There are seven mighty weapons the enemy primarily uses from his arsenal.

1. Pride

2. Greed

3. Appetites of the Flesh

4. Rebellion

5. Stubbornness

6. Bitterness

7. Condemnation

Each of the following can be manifested and stimulated from the above if too much consumption. Think about it!

We have to understand that the enemy is always looking for ways to consume us and distract us. We have to step ahead of his plans and cancel them and bind them in the Name of Jesus.

Not everyone is the same so this may not be for everyone but for those of us that struggle in the area my prayer is that this help you to overcome. Simple measures you can take if you Struggle in any of the above particular areas. For many of us it’s Facebook or YouTube reality shows.

  • Remove the app from your smart device
  • Set a time of day and a limit of time that you will spend in one of the above
  • Place journals around the house or areas you spend most of your time in so when tempted you look to writing instead releasing rather then consuming
  • Learn to beware of how you feel after you have spent sometime in one of the above (is it making you bothered, frustrated or angry, depressed, anxious, sad, confused). If so It’s best you refrain.
  • Create a Business page / platform (where you enter and all your seeing is your post) allows you to not be contaminated (many successful people use this tool)
  • When you have a posting desire write or post inspiring quotes or blog on… yeah Write on!!!!

We all need discipline and that’s true in fact. We all need to be aware of what consumes us as well. If it’s not helping you to grow then it’s something you need to remove. If it’s causing issues in your daily life remove it, depression, anxiety, stress remove it. God has not intended for any of us to remain the same and or be consumed with what will destroy us. There is too much to be done and we need to be responsible with what God has placed in us to accomplish.

Sadly, I have lost family and friends because they where so wrapped up in there ego to not come to understanding my weaknesses or what was causing distractions in me. The addiction to all the likes 👍🏼 or comments to feel better about themselves (selfishness I must say).

We need to be more sensitive to others especially when we are His true disciples. Better said … let me ask.. would you to an ex alcoholic to a bar? No… why… because that just may cause him/her to fall again.

Let’s learn to help others overcome and not be part of there burial process.

Be sensitive to the spirit of the Lord.

Help them! Don’t be there to try and destroy them. Open your eyes as Satan can easily be using you.

Here I am Praying this helps anyone that has found themselves in this struggle as we must admit the struggle is real.

Today it ends in the mighty name of Jesus.

Love PJ


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