It happen to happen

Sermon notes from Shani Rodríguez

River 1

John 9:1-21

When you initially wait for something you feel anticipation because you are focused on what’s to come but once it’s prolonged its easy to lose focus on whats to come and become frustrated. You start questioning God but we need to understand that God will do something for you but he also needs to do something through you. We have to remember that nothing that happens in our life is greater than the name of Jesus.

John 5

Many times we know about scripture but don’t live what’s in the bible this is due to the lack of revelation that can only come from having a relationship with the Lord and you should not only be about knowing but about being.

Some people are spiritually blind and are unable to recognize Jesus. Because they find themselves this way they will try to change your outlook on Jesus. You can’t have an encounter with him and allow others to change your mind. As you should know who he is by this point and have no doubt of whom he is.

Even when things seem a bit crazy God lets things in our life happen to glorify himself. Things we deal with in life are a canvas for God to display His glory. And this will cause others to ask who did it.


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