Selfless could not be explained better…


by Lana Vawser Ministries

December 2, 2017

I had a very powerful dream recently and I believe this dream is multilayered, but I felt the Lord wanted me to release the heart of the message in this dream as a prophetic word to encourage you in your positioning in the birthing of what God is doing right now.

We are in a time of accelerated birthing, and we are in a time where we are going to see the hand of the Lord move among the nations in unexpected and powerful ways. The way God is going to move among the nations in this season is going to be unexpected and it is going to be completely different to what we have seen before.

In this dream, there was an urgency in the atmosphere for the people of God to be positioned for the birthing and positioned to be part of what God is doing and about to do upon the earth.

I am not going to release all the specifics of this dream yet, but I felt the Lord wanted me to release the two keys He showed me in this positioning for what He is about to do.


In the dream, I was with an incredible prophet I respect and admire greatly. This prophet lay down, facedown on the ground (outside) and as I went to lie down I said the words “What you need for the birthing that is upon us is FIRE AND FLIPPERS. What you need for the birthing that is upon us is FIRE and FLIPPERS”.

The atmosphere surrounded me SO powerfully that there was an invitation from the heart of God for a fresh baptism of fire. The fire of His love. The fire of His presence. A fresh invitation to carry His fire and a fresh invitation INTO the fire of God to purge, cleanse and purify.

As I lay facedown next to this prophet suddenly I felt the birthing intercession come upon me strongly. Myself and this other prophet turned our ears to the ground and I said “Can you hear the rumbling sound? Can you hear the sound that is building beneath the surface? Can you hear it? It is a NEW SOUND. There is a NEW SOUND bubbling forth, and it is a NEW SOUND of REVIVAL.”


I was STRUCK in the dream by the sense of the Father’s heart that as we LIE DOWN in surrender, humility, no striving, rest and being with Him, we will HEAR the sound that is bubbling beneath the surface, but we MUST be STILL and LIE DOWN. You will HEAR the SOUND before it manifests in the natural. Like Elijah in 2 Kings who heard the sound of rain before the cloud manifested, God is inviting His people DEEPER to hear the SOUND of revival that is bubbling beneath the surface and an invitation into the revelation of what He is about to do that is going to look completely different and totally NEW. There is a glorious season of revival, reformation and revolution upon us, but He is looking for those who will LIE DOWN AND LISTEN.

In the dream again I decreed “What you need for the birthing is FIRE AND FLIPPERS”.

Instantly the word FLIPPERS reverberated through my entire being and there was such a DEEP SENSE of being invited into the DEPTHS.

Flippers are used for propulsion and direction and you need them to GO DEEP.

I have been prophesying a lot over the past 6 months, that the Lord is drawing His people deeper into the revelation of Proverbs 25:2-3:

“God conceals the revelation of His Word in the hiding place of His Glory. But the honour of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all God says. The heart of a king is full of understanding, like the heavens are high and the ocean is deep.” (The Passion Translation)

For the birthing that is upon us, the beautiful move of God that we are on the brink of, God wants His people ready. He wants His army positioned.

We need the FIRE of God, we need to carry His fire more than ever, and we need to go deeper than we have ever been.


Since that dream I have been feeling that fresh invitation from the heart of the Father to DIVE ALL THE WAY IN! In the birthing you and I have a responsibility to be positioned.

Dive all the way in!!! Stay in that place of surrender to His ways. There is a great move of God upon us, in your life personally, in your family and in the nations. The army is rising up to fight and extend the Kingdom of God in glorious ways and push back what the enemy is attempting to do. There is a whole new level of birthing and breakthrough upon us, but I believe the Lord is saying “Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! There is SO MUCH MORE!!!”

“No matter how deep we have gone, there is ALWAYS MORE!!!” – Heidi Baker

Stay positioned in the secret place. Stay deep in the Word. Choose obedience over opportunity, follow where He is going even if it doesn’t make sense to you right now.

There is a fresh baptism of fire the Lord wants to release! Cry out for it, lie down in surrender, humility and lingering with Him and watch how He will increase your ears to hear the NEW SOUND that is bubbling beneath the surface that is about to erupt, but the Lord is looking for those who will HEAR and RECOGNISE the NEW SOUND before it manifests.

The most glorious season of encountering His heart, His ways in your life and in the nations is upon you. Powerful, life changing baptism of fire that will leave you even more undone by the fire of His presence and love. You will burn with love and passion for Jesus like never before and be even more awake to who you are in Him, His destiny upon your life and your role in extending His Kingdom.


God is SO interested in your hearts desires, He is SO faithful and engaged in the promises that He has given you for your life and for your family. I prophesied recently that many are going to see “2018 as a year that DREAMS DO COME TRUE” and there is going to be GLORIOUS fruitfulness and abundance of His promises fulfilled in greater ways in 2018, but I heard the Lord whisper recently “What I am doing is bigger than your breakthrough.” I felt the Lord whispering it over the body of Christ, that our VISION must enlarge. There is an upgrade of vision upon the Church right now where the Lord is inviting us higher, to disciple us in a heavenly perspective and wage war from the heavenly place like He did with the Shulamite woman in Song of Songs 4:8, if we engage with Him and step into it.

The Lord is wanting to enlarge vision. It is so easy when there has been such weariness, such disappointment and such discouragement to look further than what is going on around you, but for many in the body of Christ, I feel the Lord is saying that their vision has become too small. God is going to move mightily in their lives and the lives of their family and there will be POWERFUL demonstrations of His faithfulness and power, but He is also wanting to EXTEND and UPGRADE vision for what He is doing in cities, nations and the world.


The Lord is shaking the Church awake by His love. Things that have held you down, kept you stuck, things that have attempted to keep many in fear or complacency, His love is SHAKING AWAKE and FREE!!! I prophesy you will RUN not in striving but FREEDOM and AWAKENING in this season. I prophesy that over the next 6 months that there is going to be an incredible upgrade of vision for many where they will move into a greater level of revelation and carrying the Lord’s heart for what He is about to do in cities and nations. He is going to release secrets of His heart in greater ways, and invite His people deeper into seeing the UNEXPECTED ways of God and ears will be calibrated and fine-tuned to HEAR the sound rumbling beneath the surface louder than they have and recognise the sound is coming from His heart even though it may SOUND different to what has been heard before, but friends, this NEW SOUND bubbling forth is DRENCHED in the FIRE OF HIS LOVE.

Get ready people of God!! Get ready!! God is about to move in a whole new way. Don’t rely on how you have seen Him move yesterday… LIE DOWN, FACE DOWN, EARS TO THE GROUND. CRY OUT! CRY OUT!

People of God, let us stand together, the army of God and be positioned….

What we need for the greatest birthing of His Spirit that is upon us is…



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