We have history

Sunday recap….. deep!

How many of you know that Testimony creates Faith for the future. How many know that revelation leads to response. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow. We just need to know that we are to be Praising Him for the Future.

If you know better you do better!

Say it…. We have history!

He is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness. God has never disappointed us! He actually delivers us from low level expectation.

Say it… Get your hopes up!

Believe again!!!

Say it… I’m gonna see it!

We have been able to embrace the season of preparation and acceleration, understanding that whenever faith meets expectation that will for sure bring acceleration.

God has taken me into a place of personal encounter. Sunday to Sunday services just ain’t gonna cut it point blank. Depending on others just ain’t gonna cut it. Depending on the faith of other for sure ain’t gonna cut it. It’s a personal encounter He has called me into. Had to come to accept that was going to mean less relationships, less of a lot of things because honestly my time was to be separated for Him.

We have to understand that we can’t be fruitful without intimacy and just pleasing our own personal desires… nope not gonna happen. Fruitfulness is a by product of being in an intimate place with God.

So funny…recall always getting bothered when my husband Pastor Miguel would say from the altar in order for you to know more of your husband or wife you have to close the door, lock it and remove all distractions to become intimate. Why is that another minister can come along and say and all of a sudden it makes sense! Forgive me PM I tend to that often. It’s true we have to learn to know Him intimately if not we won’t truly see fulfillment in our lives.

We should know that this is the same with our intimate time with God. This is where the following will take place:

  • Renewal of the mind

  • You will be able to abandon certain things

  • You will grow deeper and wiser

Many times we say there is not enough time and we give God 15/20 minutes a day. We can’t continue with that excuse and expect to grow and be fruitful. It’s not going to happen…

We have 169 hours a week

  • 40 hours we work

  • 8 hours a day we sleep

This leaves 69-73 hours available for God! What’s the excuse now….

We all must learn to prioritize. If there is no commitment there is no depth. Your relationship is superficial.

2 Kings 4:8-9

Can we say to Jesus your not leaving until you receive it… what are you giving? There is a big difference between hunger and selfishness.

It’s never been about Jesus giving you anything it’s about you giving to Jesus. Can we discern when He is walking by… think about this the women with the issue of blood, she did whatever it took just to touch His cloak. Are you doing whatever it takes?

It’s time we perceive when Jesus is around, we must teach people to follow Jesus. To many are following man. What if Jesus was to ask you right now.. “what do you want?” I can only imagine some of the replies.

You see the true disciples said “We want to know where you dwell” His reply “Come in and see. It’s all about loving Jesus!

Knowing that we have history clearly says Jesus is not a man to lie. What He said He will do you must learn to say it’s done even when you can’t see it.

Loving God. Loving People

There is only ONE mirror to look into and that mirror is your Bible! The word of God.


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