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Matthew 6

It’s possible after this no one will ever read my blog or even invite me to there church, Oh well obedience first. I was lead by the spirit of the Lord to share this and Lord knows if He comes tomorrow I don’t want to hear Him say you did all those great things but neglected to do that one thing I asked of you.

As a Pastor we must be very careful with our actions and motives and what we say and how we say it (Im learning especially that last part… how to say it).

This is a touchy subject but I can touch on this because I use to have this mentality and one time someone asked me “What is your Motive” the beautiful part here is that now I can share and say it loud and clear!  God is so good!  I have renewed my mind and I am able to share this with you as it will truly bless your life and protect Gods ministry.

Many times as a church pastor and or leader we launch out as a ministry with a great cause, our hearts are in the right place as we should know that inside of each of us is a missionary, and daily we are out on the mission field.

Many movements and church’s are started this way.  A group of people coming together to do a good thing.  The good cause grows and before you know it you have a movement / church.  It’s Organic and that’s the way it should be.  I have had my share of four years of seminary and church planting courses, church multiplication etc you name it.  Let me just say in all honesty, you need the preparation and process however, it can be disturbing to have to hear the stories and why church’s do the things they do that unfortunately push Jesus out of the church.  I had to make some changes in how I was doing my missionary work. We must choose wisely.

Here are some pointers:

  • Never use Gods ministry as a bait and switch 
  • Do not do things expecting something in return 
  • Don’t market your church with what your already suppose to be doing Read Matthew 25:35-40
  • If you have outreaches don’t brand them with your church name 

After three years of pastoring a church here in Orlando, Fl and having amazing encounters with the Lord I was able to have deeper revelation to His word and to His desires. I heard Him clearly say,  I gave you instructions in the beginning don’t you dare neglect them.  The Lord had reminded me that He has entrusted a mission to me which then became a ministry and a little later His church.  He wanted to see our faithfulness.  He knew if  He could trust me with the little, then He could give you so much more and thus say the Lord.  Read Luke 16:10

  • Gods ministry is simple so keep it that way, share His Love with your Actions 
  • It’s all about serving others, has nothing to do with you or your church or that church
  • Learn to contend the land and plant seeds that will lead to an overflowing harvest 

After, sometime I was listening to so many of the wrong voices and the wrong advice. I really was not paying attention and God would say open your eyes you will see if Im leading by there actions.  Never really paid attention I needed to look into the truth of the matter was what they had been doing successful, was it making an impact in there community, was it transforming lives and gaining the trust of the people.  It got to the point that on the streets on an actually outreach I heard the following:

  • Why are you doing this? 
  • Did your Pastor send you? Or do you really have compassion on my soul. 
  • Are you doing this just so I can go to YOUR church?  

This is pretty sad, why would these questions even be asked.  I could not just stay silent about this. I knew I had to take this into prayer and really seek the face of God to receive  clear direction and revelation.  After, sometime God gave me the clarity.  Here it goes….

His Ministry, His Church would be so much more inviting if we had servants, leaders and pastors doing the work expecting nothing in return the satisfaction of just placing a smile on someones face and saying “Jesus loves you and so do I”   That’s Enough!

Time to build HIS KINGDOM!

With His Love,

Pastor / Founder



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