It will happen ….

God is not afraid of our questions and He is truly not afraid of giving affirmation He will answer… He is the answer. 

If God did it before God will do it again. When in doubt look back that should be the only moment you look back when doubt attempts to overcome you.  Look at Gods track record. 

Matthew 9:18-26 

What everyone saw as Dead God saw asleep this is Gods way of showing declaration of a different perspective.  

It’s part of REVIVAL. 
In the declaration made you say it; 

    I will rejoice

   I will be joyful

  The Lord is my Strength 


Gods glory shall be revealed and that is exactly why you are where you are and God is doing what He is doing. 

Others see…

Tradegy, Distruction, Sickness, Altered Vision but God sees….

Miracles, Restoration, Healing, His Supernatural

Your tired, Your not Satisfied, You want to see a move of God then you better prepare because your about to loose all that surrounds you to enter into your very own day where God will do something Historic. The Nation is wicked and Gods response “I will do something Historic”

Question will WE Be part of it… Will we be in the Story? 

Say No… to Doom and Gloom

Say No… to Utopia 

#BookofHabakkuk #URinGodsStory #Umatter #Setapart #Tension #Dontsettle


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